Dutch Civil Design

Modular decentral transportable waste water treatment systems

Meet Our unique specifications

BouwCoach Consult.

 We provide expert-level 3D Structural calculations and analysis of any kind of structures. From Industrial equipment supports to round-shaped artworks.


Dutch Civil Design.

Specialised in modular decentral Waste Water treatment systems.

Unique specifications for usage in remote area's, at small villages or camps. Mostly much cheaper than the transport sewage pipes to a central wwtp. 

BouwCoach Engineering BV.

Water and Waste Water solutions 

Not only installation and service of the DCD-Bever small installations, but also international Authority-consultancy regarding  Governance issues.

Innovative and Out-Of-The-Box thinking


 Baarloseweg 3 - 5988NL - Helden- The Netherlands

email: bouwcoachconsult@gmail.com           Phone:  PJP (Paul) de Lange  (+)31 654 22 3534